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You should never be charged for advice about a Debt Management Plan or general Debt Management Advice!


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Search Google, Yahoo and Bing, you can find free information if searching for a Debt Management Plan.

Not all debt management plans cost the consumer money, there are free to client debt services such as National Debtline or the free Citizens Advice Bureau.

Lewis Alexander offers fee charged debt management plans and the consumer obtains a personal service that is dedicated to helping and solving personal debt problems. You are not legally bound or tied into a debt management plan but you should be mentally committed as it will fail if not.

Call our debt advisors, they are trained to help you via our personal debt helpline, you can obtain advice to see if a debt management plan is your best solution.

A debt management plan is not always the correct option for everyone so it is important you obtain the correct advice along the way.

If you decide to enter a debt management plan you can expect to repay most of what you owe, there are other solutions such as an IVA that can offer to write off a percentage of your total debt but this amount written off can change from case to case and is not a set percentage.



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