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  • Looking for reputable consumer debt consolidation help and advice services in the UK?

When you search online for different types of debt help or debt consolidation services that can offer to help you to clear personal credit, it can be very daunting and difficult to work out which financial consolidation companies are the reputable ones that can be trusted to help and offer reputable trustworthy advice about how to consolidate your personal financial commitments.

Every debt consolidation company that offers personal debt consolidation services should be licensed under the consumer credit act and hold a current consumer credit license. These consumer credit licenses are issued by the Office of Fair Trading and can be verified as current by searching the OFT’s consumer credit register online.

When you take advice it is important to find out how long the personal debt service you have contacted has been operating for and do they offer debt solutions that work?

Most reputable debt consolidation services will first ask you about your income and expenditure details so they can ascertain what type of situation you find yourself in financially along with the information about any secured or unsecured credit commitments that you may have been struggling with.

For example, if someone is not working or currently employed, the chances are they will have little to contribute to creditor repayments and are most probably struggling with the household living costs alone on a monthly basis.


When considering which financial solution would be right for you, it is important to be doing so with the correct advice so as you can make an informed decision.

Many people find that they have been pushed into certain debt consolidation solutions which may not have been the best debt consolidation advice for them to follow, this is usually and often many months down the line when it can be too late to take up or re consider other financial consolidation solutions.

The most popular personal debt solutions are as follows, please click the links for more information on each financial solution;

It can be confusing when you have not had to look at these different financial solutions before but when they are explained correctly, it should seem easier to identify or agree which solution is best for you/

Lewis Alexander Financial Management is a personal debt consolidation service operating nationally throughout the UK. We help many people every day to consolidate and clear personal debt problems.

  • There is no shame in having a personal debt or financial problem, the shame is in not dealing with it!

If you need help to consolidate and clear personal credit card debts, payday loans, overdrafts, store cards, personal loans or other unsecured credit commitments please contact our debt helpline today in absolute confidence using,

  • 0800 018 6868

Lines are open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and your call is usually free from a UK land line. Mobile call costs may vary so please check with your service provider before calling.

  • 0800 018 6868

Change in personal circumstance

On July 7, 2011, in News, by admin

Have you recently suffered a change in your personal circumstances?

  • Sometimes a loan seems like the most feasible option to fund those large ‘one-off’ purchases.
  • The repayments are easily factored into the household budget and it seems to make the debt manageable.

However, redundancy, illness or just a change in circumstances can mean that your steady income fades away.

Sure the loan company showed understanding at first when you told them but by the time you missed the second monthly payment, they weren’t being so nice.

If you suddenly find yourself without a job or an income, it doesn’t necessarily change the financial pressures and outgoings that you had previously.  Without a steady source of income, budgeting for these outgoings becomes a struggle, and as paying utility bills and going round the supermarket take on more importance, it is often the debt repayments that make way!


However, once you have missed the first payment, this only leads to further struggles! Fielding daily telephone calls, the letters and in many cases the feeling of embarrassment can make the situation seem worse than it is.

Fortunately, there are now various debt reduction solutions that are available for people.  Amongst these are Debt Management Plans, IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Debt Relief Orders, there are more but you could simply call each company that you owe money to and try to agree a revised payment schedule, that is known as self debt management.

  • If you feel that you can no longer manage to handle your personal debt on your own, then the time has come to take some positive steps to make things a bit easier.

Sometimes all we need is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel to allow us to concentrate on other parts of our lives.  Other times, we need more structured plans to help us get back on our feet.

Either way, if a change in your personal circumstances has caused you financial problems, then it might be time to get in touch with Lewis Alexander Financial Management. Our debt helpline is open for you to enquire 24 hours a day and all calls are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.  We use a variety of techniques and solutions to help our clients, so call today for a financial health check!

  • Our number is 0800 018 6868, one call could make a difference!
  • Difficulties with personal debt can and do create serious issues for people in their personal lives.
  • The embarrassment of admitting that you have a problem can cause those who are in debt to hide the problem from their loved ones.
  • Hiding money problems frequently ruins lives in the UK.

Financial issues are cited as the number one reason for divorce in the UK and debt problems can both tear families apart and leave the debt victim feeling alone like their life has been ruined.  With the majority of the UK population now experiencing increasing levels of debt, the stress on the most sacred of institutions is only likely to increase.  Indeed according to the latest research the average UK adult now averages £15,000 of unsecured debt, spread across five credit or store cards.


It is exactly this kind of borrowing that debt victims stack their house of cards upon.  The credit card with a no or low interest rate offer seems too good to be true and thus the spending starts.  The odd treat here and there for hubby or your wife, the holiday that you’ve been meaning to take for a number of years and a few extras for the garden and you’re off and running with a further £5-10,000! That is before you suffer any sudden change in circumstance that was not unplanned.

At the time it seemed like a good idea, but once the honeymoon interest period finishes, so the repayment problems begin.  With little or no spare cash to pay off the debt, the victim feels compelled to borrow on other cards just to make the repayments.  However once this has started, it doesn’t take too long before you’ve got balances on all five of those cards, approaching or at the credit limit.  Forcing the debtor (possibly you) into a corner, this often leads to feelings of being trapped and feeling alone with nowhere to turn.

  • So having established that debt is a common problem, do you think you’re the only one not telling your partner?
  • Well, apparently not!

According to a survey conducted in 2010, there are an estimated 12.2million of us in the UK who have admitted to hiding financial problems from our partners and trying to live alone in debt, with the average amount of outstanding at £4,100. The majority of these cases had the debt existing prior to meeting their partner, thus they feel the responsibility of dealing with this debt falls on their shoulders and should be dealt with alone.

  • Let’s take Lauren and Mark’s story,

I had about £1,500 of debt stacked up on my credit card when I met Mark.  It was mostly due to over-spending on store cards, but I’d managed to pay these store cards off by consolidating them into one balance on my credit card.  What I hadn’t really counted on was how I would pay this back when the interest free period was up!

I just hadn’t budgeted for it!  Then there was the fact that ‘dating’ just cost me a fortune! A new frock for his work Christmas party (with new shoes of course!), meals out, trips to the theatre and the spending money for that weekend in New York!  That initial £1,500 had jumped to almost £5,000 – right on my credit limit!  So, I sold some old jewellery – nice stuff too – but that just about covered the minimum payment for 3 months, then I was back in the same situation.

I just about managed to fudge things for a few months more before Mark and I moved in together. I was so happy! But by now as I still hadn’t told him about the debt it seemed harder and harder to tell him.  He wanted to get married, go away on honeymoon and buy a house but I did not have the money to live day to day. Finally, Mark found a red letter and I was forced to tell him. He was furious, not with the debt but the fact I had not told him.  Sure girls do bang on a bit about trust and here Mark was telling me that this just showed I did not trust him.

If you can identify with Lauren’s story, or think you might be another Mark, don’t worry because there are ways out of the problem.

  • To start, clear honest communication is best, but after that why not trying calling our debt consultants to see if we can help.
  • One free call to Lewis Alexander from a land line, made in confidence using 0800 018 6868 could be the best call you make this year!
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Debt Management UK

On June 23, 2011, in News, by admin

Help with Debt Management Plans in the UK


  • Debt management services offer you an informal arrangement between you and your creditors.
  • A good debt management company acts as a middle man and can be very useful if trustworthy!

A debt management plan will consolidate (bring into one) all of your unsecured debts such as credit cards and personal loans, overdrafts and store cards, catalogues and doorstep loans.

Is any of the following familiar to you?

  • Creditors sending letters?
  • Phone calls at work?
  • Legal proceeding threats?

Then contact a debt management service today!

Alone in Personal Debt? – Need friendly advice?

With a debt management plan you are usually expected to pay weekly or monthly and this may vary between debt management companies. The one monthly repayment should be affordable to you, whilst also being easier to manage than all your current monthly payments to your creditors.

Debt management UK plans are available to all UK residents. Our debt management service and free debt helpline is confidential and tailored to your situation.

At Lewis Alexander we believe in reducing personal debts, not just the management of an individuals debt. Keeping your interest and charges to a minimum is our main goal. We achieve this through hard work along the way of helping you via our personal debt consultants.

Some personal debt management companies charge clients a percentage of their monthly repayment. When a client pays more each month, the debt management company they are using can be taking more of their money, find help with self debt management.

With our debt management plans more of your money is sent to creditors if you increase your payments, this means the debt could be paid off sooner as we charge a set fee. Do not suffer alone at the mercy of debt collection companies and their agents, get some debt collection help.

  • Acknowledging that you have a personal debt problem is the single most important part of sorting out your debts. If you don’t acknowledge your situation, how can you even begin to sort out your future?
  • Already with another debt management company?
  • Not happy with their charges or service?

There are no reasons why you cannot change the debt management company you use. Let us try to organise your debts in a way that ensures that your creditors get more of the cash you pay than they do now.That means your debts could possibly be cleared sooner.

  • That has to be a good idea to explore!
  • You can also get help if refused a loan in the UK.

With regards to debt management, there are a few initial things we carry out to enable us to collate everything we need to tailor a personal debt management plan to you. Each debt management plan is different as each persons circumstances are different. We will carry out a full financial management assessment  or financial healthcheck and will require some information to allow us to do this.

We need to know how much your regular income is and how much you pay out in bills, etc, who you owe money to and some other useful information about your circumstances. Once we have all this information, we then have a financial picture of your situation for the debt management plan.

We will then be able to work out how much you can realistically afford to pay each of your creditors through a debt management plan. We can then if instructed by you negotiate with your creditors and ask them to accept the reduced debt management payments. Most creditors are willing to accept reduced payments because they know we have already done the hard work and that the proposed payment schedule will be realistic but they are under no obligation to do so.


Once an agreement has been reached with your creditors for a debt management plan, you will be required to make just one monthly payment to us at Lewis Alexander from which we will pay all your creditors based on the agreements made.

  • So, if you cannot meet you current credit repayments, have unsecured debts and can afford to make reduced payments each month then we could be able to help you manage your debts much more effectively.

If you have been refused credit or loans in the UK, you  can still clear debts with a debt management plan. A debt management service or company can help with a temporary or long term debt management solution!

  • You can find a debt solution that works for YOU, not just your creditors!

Some personal debt management companies and services are direct selling the IVA in order to try and make huge profits from consumer debt help.

This is a no obligation, confidential service. We advise and help many people every day to consolidate personal debt.

We offer financial management advice and debt help UK to clear personal debt in Manchester, London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff, Belfast and surrounding areas of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Call our FREE debt helpline using 0800 018 6868 -Land line calls to our debt helpline are free, call charges from mobile networks may vary, please check with your network provider before calling. Calls are recorded.

Please be aware that by entering into any debt consolidation service, your credit record may be impaired. The personal debt and the period over which it is repaid may increase.

General debt management information

On June 20, 2011, in News, by admin

Debt Management helps YOU control YOUR finances

  • UK Debt management plans are a way out of personal debt.
  • Professional debt management is one of the most efficient ways to get debt under control.
  • Payment re-structuring can really make a difference.

If you feel that with a small amount of re-organisation you could get your finances back on a more manageable footing, then informal debt management is possibly the answer for you and your family. A debt management plan involves making non legally binding agreements with your creditors that allow you to make regular payments that you feel you can afford to pay off your debts.

Whilst we cannot guarantee this every time, we do manage to get a lot of peoples interest and/or charges frozen or reduced when dealing with creditors. With Lewis Alexander you will not be paying a percentage charge for what we do, like you would with a lot of debt management companies. With us you pay a set fee.

Anyone at all could find themselves in a position where their personal financial circumstances have dramatically changed. Life events like retirement, a drop in income due to a job change, an illness, a divorce or separation or even a death in the family can all have the same result on your finances. Most people however, tend to wait too long before asking for debt management help, having attempted to struggle on regardless trying to meet all their commitments for some considerable time first.

It suddenly dawns on people that their debts are actually growing due to charges and interest, the phone calls and letters constantly demanding more money are becoming more and more frequent, and the money they are actually paying towards their debts is not actually reducing the balances at all.


In fact, it has become well recognised that taking out another loan in this situation can actually make the problems worse. Although there is the option of consolidation loans, it is not always the best option for everyone. Our advisors can help you to understand which is the best option for you to clear your debts.

  • Credit Counselling can be the simplest yet most effective solution
  • Credit Counselling and debt management shows you exactly where your cash is going

Some Debt Management companies charge excessive fees or charges for their debt management services. You can change companies without any further charge. Our Track record speaks for itself, read some of our debt help service testimonials

If you want more information about our debt management services, or would simply like to transfer from your existing debt management company or simply require more information about dealing with debt, just call us free today on 0800 018 6868 and a trained advisor will discuss your personal situation then give you the very best debt management UK help and advice available.

Debt Management or IVA or Bankruptcy or Loan

On June 13, 2011, in News, by admin

I have been comparing an IVA against a Debt Management Plan, I cannot get a Debt Consolidation Loan and do not qualify for Bankruptcy – do i
have alternatives and what are they?


Before entering into an IVA you should certainly look into the alternatives. An IVA is a formal agreement between you and your creditors so it won’t suit everyone. The alternatives range from more serious to a lot less serious and all have varying and different effects on your credit rating as an individual and on your financial future.

This is often the last resort for people struggling with debt and they are usually in a position where they feel they have no options left open to them. Being made bankrupt will often mean you can lose your property which should not happen with other personal debt solutions. Bankruptcy can effect your working life too.

Personal Debt Consolidation
Debt consolidation is a good option for some but not for others as it doesn’t actually reduce the amount of debt you owe. It can reduce the interest, extend the repayment period, reduce your monthly repayments or a mixture of all three. It can however, increase the overall amount you end up paying, so ask all the right questions before taking on a debt consolidation loan.

Debt Management Plans
This is an informal agreement between you and your creditors in an attempt to reduce your monthly repayments and stop any further interest or charges. A debt management plan or company cannot guarantee to stop the interest and charges being applied to your accounts! A debt management plan would be set up by a debt management specialist and they would negotiate on your behalf. Unlike an IVA, your creditors are not legally bound and can change their minds about the agreed amounts at any time.

To speak to a personal debt advisor and discuss solutions available to you, call our debt helpline using 0800 018 6868.

  • Calls are usually free from a land line but mobile call costs may vary!
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Debt Management help and advice for January

On January 19, 2011, in News, by admin
  • According to several sources, this week is the most depressing of the year.  So why are those with personal debt problems amongst the gloomiest?
  • During the rest of the year, the occasional sunny day and looking forward to a birthday or event  like Christmas is what those in debt can look forward to for a bit of cheer.

However, according to a BBC report this week, a combination of the bad weather, breaking New Year’s resolutions & debt difficulties (amongst other things) means that this is the week that most Brits will feel most depressed with the January Blues!

  • There are many things that you can do to improve your personal finances and it can all start with a financial ‘Spring-Clean’.

Just like cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, the first thing to do with a Financial Spring Clean is to understand exactly what you have, before you decide what you are keeping and what needs to be thrown away!

  • Make a list of all of the savings and investments that you have, together with all of the credit arrangements you have.

For many, on the savings side, this will include the odd savings account, maybe an Individual Savings Account (ISA), the odd share here or there and maybe some premium bonds.  On the debt side, store cards, credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans and car finance tend to be the major culprits.

Next it is a good idea to set out the budget for 2011 – a New Year brings the opportunity for a new start.  List out all of your outgoings across the household for each month, not forgetting magazine subscriptions, satellite TV extras, gym memberships and those after-school clubs that the kids go to!

Once armed with all this information, it often surprises people how much they have in savings tucked away.  On the flip slide, it also sadly comes as a shock when the personal debt that you thought totalled £10,000 actually tops £15,000 and your monthly outgoings are £1500 more than you thought that they were.

Don’t panic though as help is at hand through a debt management plan, you can manage your personal debt and get out of the January Blues!

  • Once you have all of this information, you are in a much better position to consider your next steps.
  • One call to a personal debt specialist at Lewis Alexander Debt Management can help to start sorting out your finances.

We can talk through your personal circumstances and start to work on a debt management solution with your creditors taking away the stress and pressure of not knowing who to pay or contact first.

This can help to relieve those January Blues and will also give you some breathing space, potentially to look at earning some additional funds by taking on some extra hours or by ebaying all of those unwanted presents that seem to be accumulating in the loft!

A great way of spending some of that time is to look through your utility bills.  Millions of Brits each year have a ‘credit’ (i.e. they have paid more than they need to) on their Gas, Water, Electricity & Telephone bills.

This is because most of these service providers ask you for a monthly direct debit payment.  Take a look through your most recent bill and give the provider a call to see if there is a credit they can return to you.  The customer services teams should be able to assess if there is extra available in your account and return any credits to you.

  • So what are you waiting for?

Call Lewis Alexander Debt Management UK today on 0800 018 6868 and we can start planning your solution to a life without personal debt.  All we ask is that you have a regular source of income and some determination to repay those personal debts.

At Lewis Alexander Debt Management we take pride in our service and your call would be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

That number again is 0800 018 6868, call us now and start to clear any personal debt that you may have!

Please be aware that by entering into any debt consolidation service your credit record may be impaired. The personal debt and the period over which it is repaid may also increase. Lewis Alexander Limited is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. © Lewis Alexander ® 2003-2015 | Registered in England UK: 4668712 | FCA Registration / License: 534049 | Data Protection Reg: Z7660931