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Help with Debt Management Plans in the UK


  • Debt management services offer you an informal arrangement between you and your creditors.
  • A good debt management company acts as a middle man and can be very useful if trustworthy!

A debt management plan will consolidate (bring into one) all of your unsecured debts such as credit cards and personal loans, overdrafts and store cards, catalogues and doorstep loans.

Is any of the following familiar to you?

  • Creditors sending letters?
  • Phone calls at work?
  • Legal proceeding threats?

Then contact a debt management service today!

Alone in Personal Debt? – Need friendly advice?

With a debt management plan you are usually expected to pay weekly or monthly and this may vary between debt management companies. The one monthly repayment should be affordable to you, whilst also being easier to manage than all your current monthly payments to your creditors.

Debt management UK plans are available to all UK residents. Our debt management service and free debt helpline is confidential and tailored to your situation.

At Lewis Alexander we believe in reducing personal debts, not just the management of an individuals debt. Keeping your interest and charges to a minimum is our main goal. We achieve this through hard work along the way of helping you via our personal debt consultants.

Some personal debt management companies charge clients a percentage of their monthly repayment. When a client pays more each month, the debt management company they are using can be taking more of their money, find help with self debt management.

With our debt management plans more of your money is sent to creditors if you increase your payments, this means the debt could be paid off sooner as we charge a set fee. Do not suffer alone at the mercy of debt collection companies and their agents, get some debt collection help.

  • Acknowledging that you have a personal debt problem is the single most important part of sorting out your debts. If you don’t acknowledge your situation, how can you even begin to sort out your future?
  • Already with another debt management company?
  • Not happy with their charges or service?

There are no reasons why you cannot change the debt management company you use. Let us try to organise your debts in a way that ensures that your creditors get more of the cash you pay than they do now.That means your debts could possibly be cleared sooner.

  • That has to be a good idea to explore!
  • You can also get help if refused a loan in the UK.

With regards to debt management, there are a few initial things we carry out to enable us to collate everything we need to tailor a personal debt management plan to you. Each debt management plan is different as each persons circumstances are different. We will carry out a full financial management assessment  or financial healthcheck and will require some information to allow us to do this.

We need to know how much your regular income is and how much you pay out in bills, etc, who you owe money to and some other useful information about your circumstances. Once we have all this information, we then have a financial picture of your situation for the debt management plan.

We will then be able to work out how much you can realistically afford to pay each of your creditors through a debt management plan. We can then if instructed by you negotiate with your creditors and ask them to accept the reduced debt management payments. Most creditors are willing to accept reduced payments because they know we have already done the hard work and that the proposed payment schedule will be realistic but they are under no obligation to do so.


Once an agreement has been reached with your creditors for a debt management plan, you will be required to make just one monthly payment to us at Lewis Alexander from which we will pay all your creditors based on the agreements made.

  • So, if you cannot meet you current credit repayments, have unsecured debts and can afford to make reduced payments each month then we could be able to help you manage your debts much more effectively.

If you have been refused credit or loans in the UK, you  can still clear debts with a debt management plan. A debt management service or company can help with a temporary or long term debt management solution!

  • You can find a debt solution that works for YOU, not just your creditors!

Some personal debt management companies and services are direct selling the IVA in order to try and make huge profits from consumer debt help.

This is a no obligation, confidential service. We advise and help many people every day to consolidate personal debt.

We offer financial management advice and debt help UK to clear personal debt in Manchester, London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff, Belfast and surrounding areas of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Call our FREE debt helpline using 0800 018 6868 -Land line calls to our debt helpline are free, call charges from mobile networks may vary, please check with your network provider before calling. Calls are recorded.

Please be aware that by entering into any debt consolidation service, your credit record may be impaired. The personal debt and the period over which it is repaid may increase.

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